Back-to-School Parent Presentations & Curriculum Resources

Tue, 10/10/2017 - 11:50am


Thank you for your support in this first half of our first quarter of the school year!

For your benefit, the presentations from our Back-to-School Parent Presentations are shared below.

These will be available for the next few weeks.



Each team will be offering a special Parent Night throughout this school year.  We will share presentations from those evenings as they occur.

All teams are also sharing this information on their Canvas Pages.




PDF iconBPES BTS Night Presentation Admin-PTA 2018.pdf





PDF iconKindergarten BTS Parent Presentation 2018.pdf




PDF icon1st Grade BTS Parent Presentation 2018.pdf





PDF icon2nd Grade BTS Parent Presentation 2018.pdf





PDF icon3rd Grade BTS Parent Presentation 2018.pdf









PDF icon5th Grade BTS Parent Presentation 2018.pdf





Other Curriculum Resources:

ReadyRosie is an early education tool developed to support families with children from birth through 3rd grade. Parents can sign up online and choose to receive short, informative videos that can help them encourage their children to learn. These videos can be accessed in English or Spanish and can be sent to a cell phone or email. To sign up use this link

Once logged in, you can access information according to the child's age and the location where you will be doing an activity, such as the grocery store, restaurant, etc. This resource was launched a few months ago. Check it out!



The Standards for Mathematical Practice



Developing Computational Fluency Brochures for Grades 1-5

PDF icongrade1_fluency_brochure.pdf

PDF icongrade2_fluency_brochure.pdf

PDF icongrade3_fluency_brochure.pdf

PDF icongrade4_fluency_brochure.pdf

PDF icongrade5_fluency_brochure.pdf



Family and Community Resources on CANVAS

Sample Page Image




1st Grade



2nd Grade



1st Grade



2nd Grade



1st Grade



2nd Grade



3rd Grade



1st Grade



2nd Grade



3rd Grade



1st Grade



2nd Grade



3rd Grade



4th Grade



5th Grade