Bear Hug Winners

Here are our November 17th Bear Hug Winners!

K-     Dominic Coffman, Claire Zito
1-     Sejan Beitzell, Shaan Desai
2-     Griffin Berkowicz, Jeremiah O'Donovan
3-     Marci Frye, Katie Nack
4-     Vishn Almli
5-     Kaitlyn Lovette, Melina Toronto



Here are our November 10th Bear Hug Winners!

K-     Katerina Augustin, Leo Shepherd
1-     Sarah Shapley, Ella Zito
2-     Peter Beshkov, Emily Frederic
3-     Annelise Eslami, Caleb Lease
4-     Thiago Jacobs, Ihsaan Mohsini
5-     Connor Haney, Mary Jones



Here are our November 3rd Bear Hug Winners!

K-     Irene Lee, Trey Stup
1-     Sophia Hwu, Maria Vilar
2-     Ethan Duong, Helen Kang
3-     Cate Walsh
4-     Elijah Kim, Russell McIntyre
5-     Ahmad Abulseoud, Kenley Marshall



Here are our October 27th Bear Hug Winners!

K-     Sophia Joseph, Stephen Regester
1-     Ruby Bell, Colton Kavakos
2-     Bailey May, Charlie Schott
3-     Sai Dudyala, Madison Nave
4-     Will Staley, Maddie Welykoridko
5-     Meghan Berdini, Sami Zoudine

Also pictured:  GHS Administrator Brien Bashore and the GHS Gladiator



Here are our October 19th Bear Hug Winners!

K-     Brizton Kavakos, Amelia Miller
1-     Blake Cornelius, Macie Magden
2-     Grayden Goldman, Jessica Nolan
3-     Matthew Garcia, Cheyenne Navalta
4-     Elisa Lioi, Nishil Rajani
5-     Sawyer Conley, Sophia Repole

From previous weeks:  Emmet Connolly, Alex Kersh



Here are our October 12th Bear Hug Winners!

K-     Reid DeEugenio, Hudson Kerber
1-     Olivia Davidson, Dylan Levin
2-     Jaxon Brown, Aidan Dehne
3-     Emma Russalesi, Emmet Connolly (not pictured)
4-     Aidan Lovette, Trinity Shackelford
5-     Jason Liang, Alex Kersh (not pictured)



Here are our October 5th Bear Hug Winners!

K-     Kayleigh Miller, Robert Parrish
1-     Chloe Lee, Michael Oakes
2-     Chase Taylor, Chloe Whatley
3-     Jacob Daniels, Keira Kingsbury
4-     Matthew DeCamilio, Kaitlyn Talley
5-     Spencer Gonce, Abiola Owens




Wednesday, November 22, 2017 (All day)