Ident-A-Kid Photos

Thu, 02/24/2022 - 9:27am

Ident-a-Kid Photos are March 9

The IDENT-A-KID Child Safety Program will be at our school on March 9, 2022 to photograph, fingerprint, weigh, and measure children.  Parents will receive an ID card (recognized by the U.S. Government’s SSA as a form of identification).  ID cards are often needed for sports registration, travel, student discounts, and in emergencies.  To participate, please fill in the Application Envelope which will come home with your child and have your child return it to school.  It is recommended that each parent keep a card with them at all times and additional cards should be given to anyone who regularly cares for your child.  Participation in the program is at the individual parents’ option.  The cost per child is $10 for one card, $15 or two cards, $18 for three cards, and $20 for four cards (all include eKid-ID).  An eKid ID is the electronic Ident-A-Kid card sent to your cell phone via text/picture message and is free when ordering multiple cards.  Please feel free to contact your local program director, Kim Jackson, at or at 410-360-1000 with any questions.