Electronic Consideration Card for 2021-22 Class Placement

Thu, 04/15/2021 - 1:28pm

Electronic Consideration Card for 2021-22 Class Placement


Parent input in an integral part of our articulation process.  While plans for fall 2021 have not been finalized, we are seeking parent input now so that we can include this information with our academic, observational, and social-emotional data on our annual Articulation Day in May.  Similar to last year, we are using an Electronic Consideration Card.  There are certain concerns that we are unable to consider as part of the recommendation for placement. Therefore, we ask that you not use this form to:

                Request a teacher 

                Request grouping with a friend

                Request grouping based on siblings' experience

                Request a teacher or grouping based upon "neighborhood information"


Please keep in mind that all information shared on this form will be visible by members of our school team, including next year's teacher.  Please complete this form no later than May 12, 2021.