Wednesday Synchronous Support

Fri, 12/04/2020 - 3:35pm

Communication for Students and Families - Wednesday Synchronous Support


On Wednesdays in January, we will be offering synchronous support time for students in each grade to check in for assistance with their asynchronous assignments.  


On those Wednesdays, we will have synchronous supports available using the following schedule:


Grade Level Synchronous Support Time Google Meet Code
Kindergarten 1:00-1:30pm bpes-k
Grade 1 1:30-2:00pm bpes-1
Grade 2 1:00-1:30pm bpes-2
Grade 3 1:30-2:00pm bpes-3
Grade 4 1:00-1:30pm bpes-4
Grade 5 1:30-2:00pm bpes-5