American Education Week 2019

Mon, 11/18/2019 - 9:09am

During American Education Week, November 18-22, 2019, Americans nationwide will join the National Education Association (NEA) in raising awareness about the need to provide every child with a quality public education. The celebration highlights the importance of bringing together educators, parents, students, and communities in a unified effort to build great public schools. It also reflects NEA's vision of calling upon America to provide public school students with quality schools so that they can grow and achieve in the 21st century.

As part of the celebration, we welcome parents and guardians to visit their child’s classroom during the week to see firsthand what a typical day of school looks like at BPES. In order to ensure adequate parking and minimize visitors’ wait time when signing in and out of the front office, each grade level team has identified a focus day when parents are invited to join in and visit their child’s classroom. If your schedule does not permit you to visit on the designated focus day for your child’s grade, please know you are welcome any day during the week. If you would like to come on a day other than the focus days listed below, please consider emailing your child’s teacher to let him or her know when you plan to come.


Focus days:


RECC - Thursday, November 21

Kindergarten - Monday, November 18

Grade 1 - Monday, November 18

Grade 2 - Tuesday, November 19

Grade 3 - Wednesday, November 20

Grade 4 - Tuesday, November 19

Grade 5 - Thursday, November 21


When you visit, please be prepared to sign-in and wear a visitor’s sticker. As a reminder, we are not able to accommodate younger children in the classrooms when parents visit. Additionally, we ask for visitors to refrain from using their phones or taking photographs or videos in the classroom. Please put your phone on silent or vibrate. If you need to use your phone or device for any reason, please go to the front lobby or outside the building.


We look forward to our continued partnership in your child's education, and we are excited to see you in school during American Education Week.