Halloween Celebration Information and Requests

Tue, 10/10/2017 - 11:50am

Schedule Information:

We are excited to celebrate Halloween together on Tuesday, October 31st.  We have information to share with you regarding the day. Our Halloween Parade will take place at 2:30 p.m. with classroom celebrations taking place directly afterwards.  Our Team and Room Parents have already been in touch with teachers and teams to begin to plan!

Parade Route Information:

We will use the parade route that features all students coming out the front door, turning right and walking a route around the building to end at the playground blacktop. This has increased the opportunity for visitors to see the children along the route.

Our Halloween Parade Route has a designated route for students and a designated viewing area for parents. (See the map attached.) We will ask that parents remain along the viewing area to permit a safe and orderly journey along the parade route.

Once the parade is over, the students will gather on the blacktop. We invite parents to gather along the perimeter of the blacktop.

Requests for Blacktop Viewing:

  • Please do not stand against the wall along the school. That area will have our sound equipment and the teachers will need to move through that areas.

  • Please do not come into the classroom lines while the students are on the blacktop.  We want to ensure student safety.

While on the blacktop, the students will take part in singing Halloween songs that they have learned in vocal music classes.

Classroom Celebration Information:

After this, all classes will go inside and begin their classroom celebrations.  We invite the parents who are volunteering for their child’s classroom celebration to come in the building through the Front Office in order to sign in.

Costume Information:

Students are asked to bring their costume to school and not to wear it for the full day.   All students will have an opportunity to change into their costume before the parade. Staff members, not assigned to homerooms, will be available to help our younger students get ready. Thank you for supporting us in not having costumes that use weapons or are too scary.

Alternate Celebration Opportunity:

If you do not want your child to participate in the parade or any themed classroom activities, please send in a note to your child’s homeroom teacher no later than Friday, October 27th. These students will attend an alternate activity in the Media Center. We need to know the number of students who will take part so we can plan accordingly.

We appreciate your support and welcome you to join us for our Celebrations!