Fit Family Night Was AMAZING! See Highlights!

What an AMAZING FIT Family Night it was!
Over 100 participant involved in the following activities:

    • Kid Friendly Boot Camp
    • Karate
    • Zumba
    • Yoga
    • Dance Party Finale
    • Parent Nutritional Workshop
  • Thank you to Mr. Rosenthal and Mr. Cruz AJ for their preparation and offering the opportunity for staff and parents to support it! They inspired many to participate, even Mr. Rosenthal's mom, Mary Schiller... and... some Glenelg Gladiators / Former Bears!
  • Thanks to those staff who gave of their time to support last evening's FIT Family Night!
  •           Mrs. Bengermino, Mrs. Bohn, Mrs. Bond, Mrs. Buckley, Mrs. Follmer, Ms. Griffin, Ms. Hewitt, Mrs. O'Leary,  Mrs. Powell, Mrs. Richmond and Mrs. Wilson B
  •           Thank you to Mrs. Leister, Mrs. Liu, Mr. Moore and Mr. Wilson for supporting the set-up and clean-up.
  • Here are some photos:



Monday, September 19, 2016 - 2:15pm to Tuesday, October 4, 2016 - 2:15pm